Trained as a sculptor, raised in Brooklyn in a family of musicians and painters, Wacky Wendy trained as a sculptor, making jewelry, welding steel, carving stone and "exploring every aspect of thinking three- dimensionally." She discovered her affinity for sculpting paper at a friend's barbecue. "I was really bored and I picked up a paper plate, folded it and made a symmetrical cut. The cutout I made was still attached to the plate. And in a knee-jerk reaction, I just stuck it on my head. And my mouth fell down and I said, 'Omigod, it's a hatband!It worked!"

There's also another version of this story. It's the one Wacky Wendy tells to her new acquaintances at Bo Brooks: "When did all this start?

Actually, you want to know the truth? It all began when I was quite young," she says, snipping a plate into a flamingo hat. "I used to play with my food, I used to drive my mother crazy. She used to tell me to 'Cut it out!' So I listened to her." Groans.

"Every night at the dinner table I would make little caricatures in the cold cuts. Profiles in prosciutto. One night, listen to this, I made a likeness of my Uncle Fred in the meatloaf. It looked just like him. My mother whipped it away, sprayed it with varnish and taped it to the refrigerator."

More groans. Wendy's warming to the task, cutting faster and faster as she shapes another hat with the plumage of an exotic bird. "I used to work at an orange juice factory, but they fired me."

"I couldn't concentrate," she says. "Thank you. Thank you and good night. Where's the drum roll? Actually, I always wanted to be a surgeon. But they kicked me out of surgery."
Why is that? "Well, I couldn't cut a straight line. They said, 'Wendy, with those great cutting talents, you should go to art school.' And I did, I did, but they kicked me out of art school." Why?

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